Welcome to the TOCSIN Self-training modules

An introduction to the use and exploitation of integrated assessment models

  • This training course will give you the opportunity to understand and exploit the models used in the TOCSIN EU-044287 project.
  • TIMES / TIAM is a bottom up energy / economy / environment model.
  • GEMINI-E3 is a top-down GEE .
  • WITCH is a dynamic game economic growth model with detailed energy & climate modules.
  • OBOE is an oracle-based optimization technique used for the computation of equilibrium soutions.

Technology-oriented cooperation and strategies in India and China

These training modules are organized in two learning paths.

  • 1. LP1: "Introduction to TOCSIN models" will present the different models used in the TOCSIN project and their coordinated use to perform integrated assessment of climate policies.
  • 2. LP2: "Exploration of simulation results" will present the results obtained in the TOCSIN research project.

The training modules contain:

  • 1. a set of presentations concerning these different models,
  • 2. a detailed documentation on the structure of each model,
  • 3. a set of examples and case studies based on the results of the TOCSIN research agenda.

A particularly interesting feature will be the possibility offered to the user to perform "what-if" analyses through the exploitation of a data-base of simulations performed with these different models.